Education Reimagined

Xplorro is a 3D exploration and strategy game that teaches students educational concepts as they complete exciting missions

Pioneering Active Learning through Immersive Games

Learning is no longer only for the studious. What seemed like a chore is now fun!


Our game helps students internalize content through real-world animations


Instant rewards motivate students to actively seek knowledge


Students learn to apply what they have learnt as they use them in the game


The context of application in the game helps students retain concepts better

Improving Learning Outcomes.

Making a real difference in students' lives

“My son came to me the other day and asked me whether he can play the game (Xplorro) he had tested for revising the motor concept” – Parent in Dubai

“My daughter was in a bad mood before playing the game. The game got her engrossed and she seems happier now”
Parent in Bengaluru

“The game was similar to playing Minecraft which I love playing – and I got to learn about magnets which was pretty cool” 
– Student in Bengaluru

We have a dream!

Education transforms globally from passive, theoretical, syllabus-based learning (often boring) to active, practical, game-based learning (super fun!)

. . . and we hope to be the first station on that journey

General Questions

Why do we remember the great moments we had in school but very little of what we studied in school? The reason is engagement. Xplorro engages students through its missions where they learn and apply concepts as they explore this new and exciting world.

While we do not believe that there is a specific age to learn, the educational content is designed for ages 10 to 13. The game is playable by all age groups

Currently, we have modules in science (especially physics). We have plans to expand to other subjects. 

The game is currently only available for Android phones on the Google Play Store. Soon it will be available in iOS too.

Yes, please reach out to us at